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We understand that every family and family law matter is unique, so we take the time to understand the specific legal, financial and emotional goals of our clients. Do we pressure our clients to go to court? No. Do we shy away from court? Absolutely not.

Under certain circumstances, going to court can be the best and only avenue to achieve the desired outcome for our clients; when necessary we vigorously advocate for our clients in court proceedings, whether it is a temporary custody or alimony hearing, high-asset divorce or a trial on the merits. Our experience is extensive, and our preparedness for the courtroom, invaluable.

However, not every legal encounter needs to be a courtroom battle. We can move through the legal process quickly and efficiently. We are effective problem solvers in mediation, negotiation, and can even provide counsel and coaching to minimize the damage that a divorce or other family law dispute has upon the family unit.

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